Day 5: Could kill for a bag of McCoys!

Had to take my beautiful teenage daughter to the docs this morning so day has not got off to a good start. Richard Whately (I’ve not a clue who he is/was) once said “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it,” and I’ve lost two so goodness knows what’ll happen later!  Still hopefully everything is all sorted out with her now, so we won’t have to keep going for hospital appointments – I’ve seen the inside of far too many hospitals in the past three years. I recently did an NHS survey and realised I could review five different departments at four different hospitals for that year – without the NHS my family would be bankrupt by now!

Came back and did the MyCore workout in MyBody (even though I really didn’t want to) – this one was worse than the MyStrength. I found doing the jumping gorillas a killer so was walking them by the end of round 3. Abs feel like they’ve been strangled. Feeling a bit fed up today, as am so behind this morning and really wanted a bag of McCoy’s cheese and onion crisps to cheer me up. I resisted the temptation, my inner saboteur is trying to get me to stay unhealthy I think but he’s not going to win this time! Luckily, I have got some better stuff in the cupoboard, it’s all about being prepared this healthy eating and exercise lark.  Instead of those devilish potato based snacks I  reached for my pot of joy snack pot which has almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds – much better for me and just as crunchy. Won’t be blogging over the weekend – hopefully off to the seaside for a long coastal walk, weather permitting.


Day 4: Feeling seedy

Feeling inspired to become fitter, I went out to Verve Dance  last night, (click the link if you want to find out about the best place to learn modern jive) and had some awesome dances.  It’s the only place I know where the music is so consistently brilliant that you just can’t help dancing to every song.

Today is MyTime with MyBody so no workout today (thanks goodness as my bum cheeks are still aching from yesterday’s MyStrength workout). I have also begun a seed rotation  to rebalance my hormones, who knew that sesame seeds and sunflower seeds tasted so good in Greek yoghurt. Time now for caffeine and brochure writing.





Day 3: Crickey that one does the job!

Just done the MyStrength workout in MyBody. I could only manage the 20 minute one because boy does it make your bum cheeks ache. Hoping that as I get stronger I can do all three rounds, either that or die trying! Sybil didn’t know what to make of the Sandbell but she decided not to join in with the workout and had her usual morning snooze.

Since the sun was actually shining yesterday I went on my walk last night into the woods on the Icknield Way and she came with me. We’d got about a mile and a dog appeared so she made me take her back home, it was not the leisurely stroll I was hoping for. Onwards and upwards – that article I need to finish won’t write itself so I’d better get caffeinated and get cracking.


Day 2 May Day

Had a great day yesterday and was so inspired by the MyBody exercise programme that I went back to Ceroc at Letchworth Here’s a link if you want to know more. I haven’t been dancing here since Christmas so it was amazing to go back. Had fun and burnt off 130 calories dancing (or so my pedometer tells me) without really trying – my kind of exercise! I went primarily to try and avoid sitting my lardy bum on the sofa. On Monday I’m in the habit of sofa surfing so sit stuffing my face with roses chocs while watching Bear Gryll’s The Island. There something about watching people complain about how hungry they are that gives me the nibbles. Also managed to stick to the one carb a day rule and swapped my usual crusty white bread sandwich lunch (no nutritional value apparently) with a nice tomato omlette. Today is MyTime with MyBody which means take a well deserved rest – don’t mind if I do! 180430_125157-1161644

Day 1 on the fit and fabulous in my fifties journey!

Well today I begin my fitness journey. I weighed myself and had the horrible realisation that I have reached my outer limit of nine stone and seven pounds. How the hell did that happen! My waist has reached the 34 inch mark and I'm rapidly bursting out of a size 12. I signed up last week to do the MyBody plan with Myeleen Klass and have had my photo taken for the Mail Online so now I have to commit to losing weight and getting fit. This morning I have done the first MyPower workout and it wasn't too bad. I have swapped my usual Cappuccino for a skinny one at only 50 cals and put cinnamon on top instead of chocolate. Well you have to start somewhere!