Day 2 May Day

Had a great day yesterday and was so inspired by the MyBody exercise programme that I went back to Ceroc at Letchworth Here’s a link if you want to know more. I haven’t been dancing here since Christmas so it was amazing to go back. Had fun and burnt off 130 calories dancing (or so my pedometer tells me) without really trying – my kind of exercise! I went primarily to try and avoid sitting my lardy bum on the sofa. On Monday I’m in the habit of sofa surfing so sit stuffing my face with roses chocs while watching Bear Gryll’s The Island. There something about watching people complain about how hungry they are that gives me the nibbles. Also managed to stick to the one carb a day rule and swapped my usual crusty white bread sandwich lunch (no nutritional value apparently) with a nice tomato omlette. Today is MyTime with MyBody which means take a well deserved rest – don’t mind if I do! 180430_125157-1161644

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I'm a science writer and presenter. In my spare time, I'm an actor.

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