Granello Lounge – fab place

Yesterday, went to the launch party of a new bar, the Granello Lounge in Hitchin and it was awesome there. I immediately loved it when I walked in as it had William Morris wallpaper (or what looked like it) on the wall. Being from Walthamstow in East London I grew up going to the William Morris Gallery regularly on my walk home from school and even had William Morris wallpaper on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager (I was a strange kid) so seeing it yesterday made me feel cozy and at home.

The service, drinks, general vibe were all brilliant. Supportive husband and I enjoyed the grapefruit gin and tonics and lovely tapas while discussing how much we would miss smart son when he goes away at the weekend.


Anyway got to get on as have a technical application note to finish writing on ultrafiltration and am off to Zumba with Annie tonight so that’s something to look forward to!


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