Day 5: 20 miles to go!

It’s been a great week for fitness, I have managed to make it to two classes with Annie Farrow Zumba this week (which is always a bonus) and got to 2 miles in the Aspire Challenge.

Smart son has called or text our family WhatsApp group chat every day with updates of his adventures at Fresher’s week at The University of Sheffield.  So far he seems to have been to loads of parties and got in around 5 am most mornings, had several power naps and even made it to introductory maths lectures at 9 am in the morning. He also seems to be the only one that can cook and do budgets in his flat of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls). They were amazed by his chicken tikka and rice and his meatballs and pasta made from ingredients (both of which are things we taught him to cook before leaving home) and his extensive collection of Tupperware containers to store food. He was shocked that everyone ate either beans on toast or boil in the bag concoctions. He has also surprised his flatmates by keeping an Excel spreadsheet to track expenses and some have asked them to send a copy so they can do the same. His comment so far is they think he is a God, a position in the flat which he is enjoying I think. When he was little my friend used to say he was 4 going on 40 and I think that may still hold true! Not sure how we have raised such a sensible and organised son but am delighted that he is embracing adult life away from home. Just hope he can keep up the sensible activities and also get to bed a little earlier when lectures start in earnest next week.



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