Day 29: Monday Motivation – 10 miles of the channel swum

Haven’t been blogging much lately as I’ve been too busy with work and life! The beginning of the month I did a press tour of Dutch biotech and life science companies, very interesting but massively tiring. Then the week after, I was ill. I felt really dizzy and unwell, so my fitness was totally rubbish and I didn’t do much of anything. Work has taken off again too, it’s that time of year when companies start thinking about planning and realising they have nobody experienced to do the work they need to be completed. That’s when I get a call. Still mustn’t grumble as it keeps me out of trouble and we all serve and contribute in our own way.

I have been landed with a massive planning project, which took up a huge amount of time and energy. Thankfully last week, I felt a lot better and was able to swim this past weekend and this one. I have now swum just over 10 miles of the Aspire Channel Swim Challenge – only another 12 to go. I’m able to swim a mile each time I go to Hitchin Pool and I am looking forward to, in the next 12 swims completing the challenge. I have been good at the swimming front but not the fundraising to date and I’ll have to up my game on that, now it looks like I’ll actually finish this! One of my life’s ambitions has been to swim the channel and although I’m not actually swimming the channel at least I can say I have swum the distance and who knows it may inspire me to look at doing it for real. After attending a friend’s wake on Saturday, it does make you realise that the time to do the things you want is today, as you never know when the reaper’s icy fingers will grip your shoulder.

Anyway, if you want to donate to help support people living with spinal cord injuries then please go to my just giving page Fundraising Page for Aspire Charity and donate whatever you can. Thanks!

Going to go and drink my coffee and get powered up for finishing my article on Dutch biotech now.



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