Day 14: Lazy Sunday

Today is a MyTime rest day on the MyBody 12 week challenge and I have made it through the first two weeks (hooray). Picked up feisty daughter from a sleepover and then dropped her off at school for her Duke of Edinburgh practise day. While in Hitchin I decided to go to the pool, I love swimming but am never usually motivated enough to go but since it was only 9.30 am and I felt full of energy I decided it was a good idea. 2018 is Herts Year of physical Activity (most of you probably didn’t know this). Essentially, the county is trying to get us all and especially the over 50s to get off our widening backsides to do something more active than press the remote button. They are even offering a Free activity pass for you and friend to do a class or a session. I got my voucher and used it for a free swim at  Hitchin Pool which was lovely as it wasn’t too busy at 9.45 when I got in. Managed to do 52 lengths, and was very pleased with myself. Went home, had my lovely tomato omelette and skinny cappuccino. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing in the garden with a good book while Sybil sunned herself and supportive hubby and smart son went to play Pickleball


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