Day 12: Gin and Tonic O’Clock

Well made it to the end of another week on the MyBody challenge (just another 10 to go – cripes!) Did the MyCore workout at 6am this morning (I can’t believe it either). I think the exercise and better diet is giving me more energy as I seem to be waking up naturally with loads of get up and go. Usually it takes two good slugs fo caffeine to get me going on my morning’s tasks. The plank, downward dog, side plank combo was just as hard today, but at least I managed two rounds of the killer gorillas, had to walk them in round two and then weirdly could do them again in round 3.

Finished my article and a whole bunch of other biotech work today so feeling pretty smug with myself. My email inbox is now down to 10, I always aim for 0 but never quite get there. I really wanted an end of the week G&T but have managed to give up alcohol for two weeks now so I made my glass of sparkling water look like a lovely G &T ( a good tip there from Julie Dennis – the menopause coach) and you know what I don’t feel like I missed out. Here’s to a nice relaxing weekend – well I do have to do a MyChoice of workout in the MyBody challenge on Saturday – last week I did all three because I have more time on a Saturday but we’ll see how the mood takes me in the morning.


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