Day 11: It’s all Greek

Today is another MyTime on the MyBody 12 week challenge so no workout with Myleene and Louis today (phew). Did the usual business of writing and tweeting about biotech instead. I have been eating Greek yoghurt and rhubarb as a snack in a vague attempt to change my microbiome. Hang onto your hats – here comes the science bit. For those unaware inside our lower guts live an army of microscopic helpers and basically if you shovel junk food at them all day it changes which of these little helpers are in there. So if you’ve not got lots of friendly bacteria in there but some of the unfriendly ones you’ll find you get fatter as these guys have trouble breaking everything down, making vitamins and getting rid of toxins. Also these little fellas tend to recognise natural molecules as nutrition – you know the stuff you get in fruit and veg (rather than synthetic long chain fatty acids in junk food) and can digest it. Plain yoghurt (not the stuff with all the sugar in) is one way of trying to add those good guys in there, (faecal transplant is another but we won’t go into that) those that survive being dipped in the acid bath of your stomach are the ones you want on your side. OK enough of the science for one day!

Did my walk circuit at the end of the day, the view from the top of the hill on the Icknield Way is truly wonderful and I never tire of it. 180505_104724-1325020

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