Day 17: Just add caffeine

Today did the MyStrength workout in MyBody and am pleased to report I did all three rounds without collapsing in a heap. I wanted to do them early as I need to take my mind off smart son who sits his first A level paper today in Further Maths. I am praying for him! He needs 3 As to get into the university he wants to read Maths at, which is a tough ask when you’re doing Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He has worked so hard for these that I am hopeful he will get the grades he wants and may even get an A* in Maths. As Mark Twain said :”The harder I work the luckier I get.” This can be applied to A levels and getting fit I think!

My arms feel like they are on fire now and all the muscles in my body are beginning to ache which is good because it means my body is changing for the better. I noticed that I am getting stronger and my washer woman arms are getting a bit less wobbly. I am even able to wave people goodbye without an underarm swing back of flesh (result). I have also noticed that my joints are aching less (probably because they have to support half a stone less weight) and I’m able to climb up stairs without being out of breath. This makes the healthy eating changes and exercises all worthwhile. My sports bra also stayed shut today (bonus) – which made the workout much less stressful! Onwards and upwards – brochure to write on DNA and protein imaging systems today.


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