Day 18: Morgan Freeman and bean spaghetti

It was a MyTime day today so technically a rest day on the MyBody workouts – just as well as I had to go to Spotlight in Leicester Square for a casting. Most of you probably don’t know but in my non-existent spare time I do film and TV extra work – which is a fun hobby, where I get to meet some great people. This year, I have been a hospital visitor in the film Angel has Fallen with Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler (didn’t meet either) and had to do lots of running from an exploding building. I have also been a factory worker on Blinded by the Light where I did get to meet the fantastic director Gurinda Chadha, who made Bend it like Beckham. We were told she was pretty fearsome but she turned out to be totally lovely.

Had a great spag bol for dinner, replaced beef mince with turkey mince to make it lower fat and also used green beans from the allotment (the last pack from the freezer) shredded with this  handy gadget as spaghetti. Still tastes great but lower in fat and carbs, this heathy eating stuff is all about making small tweaks here and there! Then topped the day off with a walk. Perfect!180505_195853-1239814




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I'm a science writer and presenter. In my spare time, I'm an actor.

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