Day 26: Birthday Bash

Feeling good this morning as I have just completed the MyCore workout on the MyBody Challenge and got a date yesterday for the next photo shoot for the MailOnline. I’m hoping I will look better than the last time – here’s a reminder of the 5 of us at the start in the MailOnline.  The only thing in good shape that day were my brows thanks to the talents of Kerry Hoy!

This means I can’t stop with this healthy eating and exercise malarkey now! With that in mind I did a great Zumba class yesterday with the brilliant Annie Farrow as it was a MyChoice day and boy are my legs aching today.

I have a busy Friday as I have to write some ad copy and finish a press release on vaccine potency, then I have to wrap all feisty daughter’s birthday presents up before taking her to the orthodentist and then to get her ears pierced as part of her birthday present.

We have 11 teenage girls coming round on Sunday for a birthday party, which I’m sure will be very high-pitched and quite scary. Me, supportive husband and smart son are all hiding upstairs while they do whatever it is they want to do for a few hours. Hopefully there will be no vomit involved.

Wish me luck!


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I'm a science writer and presenter. In my spare time, I'm an actor.

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