Day 24: Mad Rush to Cambridge

Today has been a mad rush as I went to a stem cell meeting in Cambridge this morning. The crazy Abyssinian woke me up at 5am as she wanted to go out hunting and then I couldn’t get back to sleep properly. Still the upside was that I got up at 5.45, made sandwiches for the feisty daughter and then went to do the MyStrength workout in the MyBody challenge in my office (which used to be the back of my garage) before leaving to go the meeting at 7.30 in my trusty suit (which now fits – bonus). I even managed to do all three rounds of the MyStrength and some press ups on my toes, @Louisrennocks would be proud.180514_080055-313741 I was very restrained at the conference (not like me) as I didn’t tuck into the cookies or pastries (I usually have several rounds of these – hmm wonder why I was putting on so much weight!) They did have some lovely sparkling water there so I consumed several bottles of that and cappuccino (a must for every journalist) while listening to some great talks on how you can use stem cells for disease modelling of Alzheimer’s Disease and Cardiomyopathy. There are so many brilliant scientists out there doing the most amazing research most of which never gets into the mainstream press – I love being a science writer on days like today because I get to hear mainly good news! Will spend the rest of the day writing up the research for an article and then off to Verve tonight for a jive – variety is the spice of life after all.

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