Day 22: Yeah 1/2 Stone lost

Well it’s Monday again and I’m now at Day 22 (can’t believe that I have made it to Week 4) without a bag of McCoys and today was the last day of MyPower 1 on the MyBody 12 week challenge for MailOnline. Did the whole workout without any trouble this morning so must be time to move onto Stage 2. I have lost another pound this week, which make my total weight loss 7 pounds and I have also lost another inch off my waist, at 29.4 inches to date. Here I am talking about what I like about the MyBody Challenge MailOnline MyBody Challenge at Week 4

I’m amazed I lost any weight this week as I did succumb to wine and a delicious lemon cupcake and fruit and nut flapjacks at the weekend to celebrate the royal nuptials. Feisty daughter is doing baking for her DoE and it would have been rude not to sample her delicious efforts – (lemon, fruit and grapes are part of your 5 a day right?) Didn’t try to get into my wedding dress at the weekend and post a picture of myself as I still don’t think it will fit yet. Anyway onwards and upwards that press release won’t write itself!


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