Day 44: Three new friends

Today is a great day, haven’t blogged for a while as the past week has been incredibly busy with work and life generally! Today did the MyStrength2 workout and managed to do all three rounds, weighed myself and I am now 8 stone 7 lbs so I have lost a stone since starting the MyBody workouts and my waist has gone from 34 inches to 27.5 inches that’s 6.5 inches, I’m now comfortably back in my size 12 clothes I was bursting out of everything before and was realistically a size 14 but kept trying to kid myself I was still a 12!

Quite a few things have happened since I last wrote, I have been to the half way photo shoot and had photos done so am looking forward to seeing if there is a write-up on those in the MailOnline. I have also got a Charge 2 FitBit, which I have to say I love. I was trying to keep track of food and exercise with a pen and an old Daily Mail food diary that I had but I kept forgetting to write stuff in. I have set the Fitbit to remind me to move as being a writer I tend to get lost in my work and forget to get up to move (probably lack of movement and a love of crisps and cheese were what contributed to that extra weight which had accumulated to make me more of a fatty than I would like).

It’s not all restrictive on the MyBody plan. I had a lovely meal out on Friday night to celebrate supportive husband’s birthday washed down with way too much Prosecco. This is the first time I have had alcohol in weeks and I felt pretty awful on Saturday. The upside was I had to go for a long walk to clear my head and I couldn’t eat until the evening so I probably cancelled out the effects of the celebration! I couldn’t do a MyChoice workout through as I felt too bad but hey I have only missed two workouts in 7 weeks which I think is not too bad and I’m not going to beat myself up! To make up for it I tried a BodyJam workout at Letchworth Leisure centre on Sunday and that was brilliant so I’ll be giving that one another go again this weekend.

To spur me on to carry on with the MyBody Challenge (which is now in week 7- crumbs hope I can make my goal of losing another 7 lbs in the next 5 weeks) supportive husband and feisty daughter have bought me a gift which they saw in a charity shop. It did make me laugh and now I look at my girls every time I work out now and they do motivate me!



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