Day 46: Less family pack

Today is the MyCore2 workout in the MyBody challenge. I have manged all three rounds  and am just about getting the hang of the final breakdance move! The other moves are all great as they are essentially variations on yoga poses. I used to do Anusara yoga but gave up when my teacher left to have a baby and I haven’t been able to find a class I like since so regular yoga hasn’t been on the exercise menu. I do miss doing yoga and this MyCore2 workout is a good replacement. I think the workout is reducing my family pack tummy but not quite sure I’m anywhere near a six pack yet!

I went to a Zumba Class last night with Annie and the Zumba ladies have persuaded me to go out to Cultivo Lounge for drinks, a bite to eat and chit-chat (three things I can never resist). I’m going to drive as after Prosecco gate last week I’m not sure I can trust myself near alcohol! Also I have to get up early on Saturday to take feisty daughter to the campsite for her DoE hike. Unfortunately, I had to get her from school yesterday as she was unwell so it’s touch and go whether she’ll make it to the weekend of yomping across the Hertfordshire countryside. She was pleased as this week, the story of her spinal fusion was featured (p14-15) in Reflexions magazine, the patient magazine for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.  So not been a bad week. Better go, that Chairman’s statement won’t write itself (you didn’t think that Chairmen of companies actually wrote their own statements in annual reports did you!)


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