Day 49: Monday Motivation

Today is Week 8 of the MyBody Challenge with MailOnline and Myleene Klass and I was so pleased with my progress I have made a video, here’s the link if you want to see it MyBody Challenge Week 8 Progress

In short I have lost 1 stone, 1 lb and lost 7 inches off of my waist. Feisty daughter was throwing out some shorts she no longer wears, which I can fit into so I’m having those for my holiday. This diet and exercise lark is going to save me a fortune in clothes!

The weekend was good as feisty daughter did her DoE walk, which is amazing as two years ago she could barely walk a mile without being in pain. Since her spinal fusion she has been so much better and I was so proud of her being able to walk 15 miles over the two days. I think she will find the Buttercup Walk to raise money for the RNOH Stanmore next week a breeze after doing that. Today I found out that we have another pledge for money so we have reached her target fund-raising amount which is great.

Better get on, got an annual report to finish today. Nice big skinny cappuccino required to power through that.



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