Day 70: Goal!

Today is Day 70 and week 10 of the MyBody Workouts with Mail Online and Myleene Klass and I have reached my goal weight of 8 stone which I’m delighted about. I have just done the MyPower3 workout today which I love but is a killer in this heat – I have posted a sweaty selfie below – it’s not a  good look!


I can’t wait for the photo shoot in 2 weeks as I’m probably likely to lose even more than I originally thought possible using my FitBit Charge to help me keep track so the after pictures are going to be fab. Unexpected bonus of doing exercise and overhauling my diet is that my skin and nails are also so much better and my menopause symptoms have pretty much gone (which is a total relief).

Had a great weekend, did a couple of walks up past the lavender farm which is now in full bloom and looks fabulous. As you can see it was heaving with people on Saturday morning! Here’s a link if you want to know where it is Hitchin Lavender Farm

What a great place to live that I can walk out of my back gate and do a lovely three-mile circuit in this beautiful countryside. Better crack on need to write an article on the effects of Brexit on the UK life science industry – oh how the hours will fly by discussing the pros and cons of this particular pickle the UK has got itself into. As they say Keep Calm and Carry On – thankfully we’re good at that in Britain!


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