Day 112: Home from Mexico

Wow what a week, haven’t written anything for a while as have been on hols in Mexico, which was fantastic. Swam in a cenoti, Cenoti Eden that was amazing, I have never been anywhere where the water is so clear. If you ever get the chance to do this, then do it as it is wonderful to snorkel and see fish in such natural water. Even supportive husband loved it and he hates swimming!

Stayed in a great hotel, Grand Sirenis where the service, food and cocktails are all amazing. We have stayed there before but it was even better this time as they had a new outside sky bar with live music and it was really lovely to sit chat and play cards together, it just had such a chilled vibe it was great. Smart son and I went to Cozumel, my son did a couple of dives and I did three snorkel sessions. It was great as I was swimming above and could see my son doing his dive in the coral. He saw a nurse shark plus a huge lobster and I saw some amazing fish and vividly coloured coral.

I was delighted on holiday as at long last I could wear my favourite dress to go to the Japanese restaurant, thanks to the MyBody Challenge.

Returned home on Sunday and was the only one not to suffer from jet lag. Amazingly I had only put on 5 lbs while away and so immediately went back to doing the MyBody workouts, eating sensibly and logging food in my FitBit app. I began the week seeing that the article on the MyBody Challenge with Myleene Klass and MailOnline had been published. I was really pleased to see my before and after transformation and the photographer, Glenn said I had shrunk before his eyes!

Then had a massively busy week, sorting out all the advertising for a recruitment campaign, it all got done by Thursday so I could take the morning off on Thursday. Had a massive shock on Thursday,  ‘A’ Level results day, Smart son got A in Maths, B in Further Maths and B in Physics which meant he didn’t get into his first choice university, Nottingham. He was devastated as he had worked so hard and wanted to get all As. But all credit to him, he spent all day researching other options and ringing universities to find a good place to do maths and now has a place at Sheffield. It wasn’t the day we’d planned but I have finished the week feeling much happier.

Smart son and supportive husband are off to the University of Sheffield tomorrow to look at accommodation, while feisty daughter and I are off to the seaside to visit Nan and Grandad. So it could be worse!



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