Day 88: What a week!

What a week it’s been, on Tuesday smart son and I had a day out in London as he is going off to university soon it was a great chance to spend time together. We went to Kew Gardens  via the The William Morris (had to have a big breakfast to fuel us!). The tree top walk and the gardens are fabulous and we spent several happy hours walking and chatting about life the universe and everything. It’s many years since I have been to Kew and it has changed so much and is even better than I remember.


Then we took the boat back to parliament on the Henley with Thames River Boats which was brilliant with a hilarious and I’m not sure entirely accurate commentary.


Then it was pub O clock again and we went and had something to eat in the The Moon Under Water before going to the houses of parliament at 6.30 to meet our local MP Bim Afolami. He invited lots of folks from our village to meet him and it was weird as smart son and I knew quite a few people when we got there. He took us on a tour of the Houses of Parliament which was fascinating and smart son asked lots of intelligent questions about student finance (I was so proud of him for piping up). Got home about 11pm totally exhausted but having had a great day out.


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