Golden Rules for Maintaining Weight Loss

I haven’t posted in a while as work and life has been so busy. My fitness has taken a battering as I have been working later and not getting to fitness activities. I’m writing this as I whizz across the German countryside to go and visit a client. Today, has been pretty active as I got up at 3.30 (ouch) to go to Heathrow and then to Frankfurt so by the time I had walked between stations, airports and to the hotel I have managed to rack up 10,000 steps without trying.

Since finishing the channel swim challenge I am now thinking about what new fitness challenge to undertake in 2019. I did manage to finish Annie’s Zumba challenge (if you went to one class per week for 10 weeks she gave you all the classes up to Jan 20th free of charge) at least I have motivation to go to Zumba in January! I’m thinking of returning to modern jive classes or taking up Argentine Tango I can’t decide which yet.

I’m also going to set myself the goal of not putting on more than 4 lbs over Christmas so that I don’t have to lose a couple of stone again by March. I have managed to keep to 8 stone which was my goal weight for the Myleene Klass MyBody Challenge for six months now (something I have never done in the past as I’m a serial yo-yo dieter). However, this time instead of slipping back to bad habits, I’ve maintained the good ones and I’ve done this by sticking to these golden rules, which are a variation on Bright Line eating:

  1. Limiting flour intake to one or no flour based item per day
  2. No sugar
  3. Weighing food
  4. Supersizing veggie portions to cover half the plate with veg.
  5. Monitoring my calories in and out via my FitBit charge 2 and not going over my intake vs exercise each day.
  6. If I have a bad day and break the Golden Rules getting straight back to them next day instead of going oh well I had a bad day yesterday might as well have another one today (that really is the road to being overweight really quickly).                                                  180807_001032-2876658 If I can keep doing this over the Festive season then I won’t have to try to lose a shed load of weight in January! I’m using this picture of me in my goal body and weight as motivation not to pig out.

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