Weight Loss Maintenance – Daily Mail and Hair Extensions

I can’t believe it’s April already and I haven’t posted for a while as my work has been incredibly full on with press tours to Munich and Amsterdam in March and a conference in Vienna. Thank goodness we’re still part of the EU or who knows what getting in and out of airports would be like!

I have managed to maintain my weight at a steady 8 stone 2 which is incredible considering the amount of temptation there is when you travel for work and how hard it is to find healthy food. I have managed to find a good tasty and (relatively) healthy breakfast in Wetherspoons, which I go for now when I’m going through airports. It has a nice big hit of protein so helps to keep you going all day.


But, when you’re away it can be tricky especially when you’re presented with lovely food The trick is to not load your plate and find interesting people around you to talk to so that you don’t pile a shed load of stuff on your plate.

Here’s the starter we were presented with at a restaurant in Munich – it is a sharer but in some ways, that’s worse as the temptation is to keep dipping in and out.


It is tricky to get good stuff at airports but it can be done and I often travel now with a healthy snack of nuts and seeds already prepared to keep me on the straight and narrow!


Life has been good and because I seem to be cracking the weight loss thing, I was featured in the Daily Mail, in an article by the lovely Sam Brick on what I’m doing to keep the weight off and got to meet two fabulous women, Virna Baillie, who did my hair and make-up and Natasha Pszenicki who took this fantastic picture of me.

FML-one meal a day-sue pearson-chicken-40649

I was also lucky enough this week to meet another brilliant woman, Cat Daniels. Cat asked me to be a hair model for secret hair extensions so I was on The Jewellery Channel with Hayley Sparkes.

Hayley is multi-talented as she was brilliant as our presenter and also did my hair in this lovely side do. All in all, it’s been an exciting couple of months and I can still fit in my clothes – hooray!


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