Day 9: Shake your booty

Tody is a MyTime day on the MyBody plan so technically a rest from Myleene’s lovely programme. I had such a productive day at work with tons of adverts written and in production (and more importantly all the work invoiced) that I decided I would make a gargantuan effort to get to a Zumba class. This involved making sure a healthy mushroom and chickpea curry was on the table by 5.30pm. Lovely, supportive hubby, then made feisty daughter and smart son do the clearing away and washing up so that I could get out by 6.15. They both looked like they had been hit with a wet fish as I skipped merrily out of the house. I went to Annie Farrow’s Zumba which I love as Annie makes us shake everything (not always a good look for me but hey ho) and we have such good fun doing it that I never want the class to end! If you’re in Hitchin, Letchworth area then give Annie’s class a go – you’ll go home with a smile on your face! Returned home to find all the washing up done and everyone playing table tennis in the garden – getting a bit more organised all worked out in the end. zumbapicture

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