Day 84: Monday Motivation

Today is the final week (week 12) of the MyBody Challenge with MailOnline and Myleene Klass. I have done MyPower3 this morning and I feel great, here’s a little video summing up the week 12 progress 

I am delighted that I have maintained my target weight of 8 stone as I have had a couple of really busy weeks. It was smart son’s 18th birthday last weekend which involved a lot of eating, cake and a visit to The Shard which was fantastic. If you haven’t been – go it’s a lovely experience. I’ve included a view from the Shard and I did take one from the loo but that didn’t turn out that well as I’m not a great photographer!

The photo shoot for MailOnline is on Weds this week and I have to be there by 8am – let’s hope that trains are a bit better this week, they have been terrible from Hitchin since the new timetable. Looking forward to the after pictures as the before ones were what made me realise how much I needed to do this challenge! I will post the link on the blog when it is published as I shall probably continue to write something once every week or two because as smart son says the hard work really starts now – can I maintain my new right sized body? Hopefully using the FitBit Charge will help as I will continue to log food and exercise and I will continue to do the 12 week programme exercises.


Day 70: Goal!

Today is Day 70 and week 10 of the MyBody Workouts with Mail Online and Myleene Klass and I have reached my goal weight of 8 stone which I’m delighted about. I have just done the MyPower3 workout today which I love but is a killer in this heat – I have posted a sweaty selfie below – it’s not a  good look!


I can’t wait for the photo shoot in 2 weeks as I’m probably likely to lose even more than I originally thought possible using my FitBit Charge to help me keep track so the after pictures are going to be fab. Unexpected bonus of doing exercise and overhauling my diet is that my skin and nails are also so much better and my menopause symptoms have pretty much gone (which is a total relief).

Had a great weekend, did a couple of walks up past the lavender farm which is now in full bloom and looks fabulous. As you can see it was heaving with people on Saturday morning! Here’s a link if you want to know where it is Hitchin Lavender Farm

What a great place to live that I can walk out of my back gate and do a lovely three-mile circuit in this beautiful countryside. Better crack on need to write an article on the effects of Brexit on the UK life science industry – oh how the hours will fly by discussing the pros and cons of this particular pickle the UK has got itself into. As they say Keep Calm and Carry On – thankfully we’re good at that in Britain!


Day 65: Busy busy time

Today is Day 65 and I’m now in week 10 of the MyBody Challenge, the past couple of weeks have been so busy personally and work wise that I’ve not had time to blog. I’m still doing the MyBody workouts which is a miracle as I’ve been so busy. I am now in touching distance of my goal weight, I’m 8 stone 2 lbs and my waist is 26 inches so I have lost 1 stone 5 lbs and 8 inches off my waist (how mad is that).

Wednesday June 20th I did the pilot of a new panel show with a couple of comedians which was very exciting and if it gets commissioned will be brilliant (can’t tell you any more details as I’m sworn to secrecy). I was given the name Boffin, which was better than some of the panellist had and we had to do the British citizen test and give opinions on a range of different topical issues. I laughed so much my face ached when I got home!

Feisty daughter and I did the Buttercup Walk on June 23rd and she raised £65 for the RNOH at Stanmore, which was brilliant. I even did the MyChoice workout (MyPower 3 and MyCore 2) before I went to get me in the mood for a walk.


Then on Sunday 24th I did a 5 hour Zumba workshop (my FitBit Charge said I did 30,000 steps – how crazy is that but it was brilliant.) Here I am with Annie Farrow’s Zumba girls and the international Zumba teachers (before we started). we didn’t look like this at the end!

Smart son finished his last ‘A’ exam level on June 25th (a relief all round) and supportive husband booked a weekend away for us all to decompress. Spent the weekend in Hunstanton and the weather was fabulous. I ate way too much but fortunately we walked about 20,000 steps each day so managed to stay on target as I’m logging my food in the FitBit app and this is brilliant as it helps me realise when I can’t eat anymore or I have to move a bit more to keep to target. That’s just some of what I’ve been up to – loads of other things in there but I have an article on rare diseases to write today so better crack on.


Day 49: Monday Motivation

Today is Week 8 of the MyBody Challenge with MailOnline and Myleene Klass and I was so pleased with my progress I have made a video, here’s the link if you want to see it MyBody Challenge Week 8 Progress

In short I have lost 1 stone, 1 lb and lost 7 inches off of my waist. Feisty daughter was throwing out some shorts she no longer wears, which I can fit into so I’m having those for my holiday. This diet and exercise lark is going to save me a fortune in clothes!

The weekend was good as feisty daughter did her DoE walk, which is amazing as two years ago she could barely walk a mile without being in pain. Since her spinal fusion she has been so much better and I was so proud of her being able to walk 15 miles over the two days. I think she will find the Buttercup Walk to raise money for the RNOH Stanmore next week a breeze after doing that. Today I found out that we have another pledge for money so we have reached her target fund-raising amount which is great.

Better get on, got an annual report to finish today. Nice big skinny cappuccino required to power through that.



Day 46: Less family pack

Today is the MyCore2 workout in the MyBody challenge. I have manged all three rounds  and am just about getting the hang of the final breakdance move! The other moves are all great as they are essentially variations on yoga poses. I used to do Anusara yoga but gave up when my teacher left to have a baby and I haven’t been able to find a class I like since so regular yoga hasn’t been on the exercise menu. I do miss doing yoga and this MyCore2 workout is a good replacement. I think the workout is reducing my family pack tummy but not quite sure I’m anywhere near a six pack yet!

I went to a Zumba Class last night with Annie and the Zumba ladies have persuaded me to go out to Cultivo Lounge for drinks, a bite to eat and chit-chat (three things I can never resist). I’m going to drive as after Prosecco gate last week I’m not sure I can trust myself near alcohol! Also I have to get up early on Saturday to take feisty daughter to the campsite for her DoE hike. Unfortunately, I had to get her from school yesterday as she was unwell so it’s touch and go whether she’ll make it to the weekend of yomping across the Hertfordshire countryside. She was pleased as this week, the story of her spinal fusion was featured (p14-15) in Reflexions magazine, the patient magazine for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.  So not been a bad week. Better go, that Chairman’s statement won’t write itself (you didn’t think that Chairmen of companies actually wrote their own statements in annual reports did you!)


Day 44: Three new friends

Today is a great day, haven’t blogged for a while as the past week has been incredibly busy with work and life generally! Today did the MyStrength2 workout and managed to do all three rounds, weighed myself and I am now 8 stone 7 lbs so I have lost a stone since starting the MyBody workouts and my waist has gone from 34 inches to 27.5 inches that’s 6.5 inches, I’m now comfortably back in my size 12 clothes I was bursting out of everything before and was realistically a size 14 but kept trying to kid myself I was still a 12!

Quite a few things have happened since I last wrote, I have been to the half way photo shoot and had photos done so am looking forward to seeing if there is a write-up on those in the MailOnline. I have also got a Charge 2 FitBit, which I have to say I love. I was trying to keep track of food and exercise with a pen and an old Daily Mail food diary that I had but I kept forgetting to write stuff in. I have set the Fitbit to remind me to move as being a writer I tend to get lost in my work and forget to get up to move (probably lack of movement and a love of crisps and cheese were what contributed to that extra weight which had accumulated to make me more of a fatty than I would like).

It’s not all restrictive on the MyBody plan. I had a lovely meal out on Friday night to celebrate supportive husband’s birthday washed down with way too much Prosecco. This is the first time I have had alcohol in weeks and I felt pretty awful on Saturday. The upside was I had to go for a long walk to clear my head and I couldn’t eat until the evening so I probably cancelled out the effects of the celebration! I couldn’t do a MyChoice workout through as I felt too bad but hey I have only missed two workouts in 7 weeks which I think is not too bad and I’m not going to beat myself up! To make up for it I tried a BodyJam workout at Letchworth Leisure centre on Sunday and that was brilliant so I’ll be giving that one another go again this weekend.

To spur me on to carry on with the MyBody Challenge (which is now in week 7- crumbs hope I can make my goal of losing another 7 lbs in the next 5 weeks) supportive husband and feisty daughter have bought me a gift which they saw in a charity shop. It did make me laugh and now I look at my girls every time I work out now and they do motivate me!



Day 33: Friday Bliss

Today was the MyCore2 workout and a chance to try out my new BlissCloud Yoga mat which is really lovely and thick. You need plenty of cushioning to do the yoga moves in this section of the MyBody workout, they are tough and my abs feel worked out after that one. Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend after the busyiness of the last one. We have to keep the house calm as smart son has two physics A level exams next week. It’s also supportive husbands birthday so will have to do some shopping for pickleball and allotment related presents. Tomorrow is MyChoice again so may do all three workouts as I have the six week photoshoot next Weds and I want to see a picture of me with fewer lumps and bumps in the MailOnline this time. If I have the energy I’ll go to St Albans for a jive. Sunday is Zumba Sunday with Annie Farrow which I always go to as Annie makes it so much fun. Hmm suddenly this doesn’t sound like such an un-busy weekend.


Day 31: Cakegate

Today is a MyStrength2 workout in the MyBody challenge and I really am feeling this one, so it is probably doing some good. Feisty daughter enjoyed her birthday on Monday. We had visitors and sang happy birthday with the ironic Gruffalo cake. Supportive husband left the cake on the side in the kitchen and the mad Abyssinian, Sybil came in while we were chatting via the kitchen window and proceeded to eat the chocolate frosting off the top of the cake. She knew she had done something terrible as she let herself out really quickly before we could tell her off, see this video for how she opens the front door herself Here’s the cake afterwards – the upside is that it helps with the healthy eating as I couldn’t have another slice!



Day 29: Happy Birthday

Today is the start of Stage 2 on MyBody so this morning I did the first of the MyPower2 workouts and my arms are really aching now as this involves harder boxing combinations. I have lost another 2 lbs this week and a half an inch off my waist. I am finally below 9 stone which I haven’t been for a while so I’m really pleased. The party for feisty daughter went really well but there was a lot of loud singing of spice girls songs but no vomiting or nosebleeds which is always a bonus. Supportive husband and I went for a walk but had to return as the credit card was needed to purchase pizza. Smart son wore headphones and did maths and physics past papers as usual. The we went out for curry and supportive husband and I just had mains while smart son went for the belly busting all you can eat (or eat as much as you dare) buffet.

Today is feisty daughter’s birthday and it’s time to sing happy birthday and cut the Gruffalo cake she insisted on having as (it is ironic apparently). We’re going to take vegan cousin who came for a sleepover back home this morning to darkest Essex (she lives out in the boonies – wouldn’t suit me as it’s too far from anywhere). Then it’s out for an all you can eat Chinese buffet tonight. I think I may be on short rations for the rest of the week to make up for it! It’s also another UK bank holiday so a nice restful family day ahead and possibly a walk past the Lavender farm.



Day 26: Birthday Bash

Feeling good this morning as I have just completed the MyCore workout on the MyBody Challenge and got a date yesterday for the next photo shoot for the MailOnline. I’m hoping I will look better than the last time – here’s a reminder of the 5 of us at the start in the MailOnline.  The only thing in good shape that day were my brows thanks to the talents of Kerry Hoy!

This means I can’t stop with this healthy eating and exercise malarkey now! With that in mind I did a great Zumba class yesterday with the brilliant Annie Farrow as it was a MyChoice day and boy are my legs aching today.

I have a busy Friday as I have to write some ad copy and finish a press release on vaccine potency, then I have to wrap all feisty daughter’s birthday presents up before taking her to the orthodentist and then to get her ears pierced as part of her birthday present.

We have 11 teenage girls coming round on Sunday for a birthday party, which I’m sure will be very high-pitched and quite scary. Me, supportive husband and smart son are all hiding upstairs while they do whatever it is they want to do for a few hours. Hopefully there will be no vomit involved.

Wish me luck!